Home Refurbishment Blogs to Get You Started

Home Refurbishment Blog

If you’re looking for home improvement inspiration, check out a few blogs that focus on home renovation projects. From Roeshel’s blog, a mom who chronicles before and after projects, to Home Design Key’s product roundups and idea galleries. Another popular blog is Home Improvement Hub, run by a husband and wife team who provide links and content to other websites about home improvement. In addition to their content, they offer tools and coupons for your home improvement projects.


Consumers are relying on review platforms like HomeAdvisor to find qualified professionals. HomeAdvisor uses data from third-party sources to confirm the company’s identity and license status. In addition, the company performs a criminal background check on its service providers, which is done using the National Criminal Database, which varies by state. HomeAdvisor also checks websites that compile state sex offender records.


If you’re in the process of renovating your home, you’ve probably read HomeSource’s blog. You’ve probably even seen their videos, and maybe even stumbled upon them in a Google search. If so, you’re in luck, as the HomeSource Blog has tons of great tips for tackling your own home improvement project. This blog is written by professionals who know all about home improvements and projects, and they provide great videos and articles for their followers to learn from.

Home Design Key

If you’re looking for design ideas, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on the Home Refurbishment Blog. This site provides everything from inspiration for a new living room to the perfect kitchen faucet. There are also tips and ideas for new living room furniture. Building Modern focuses on modern projects and has great ideas for those who are looking to remodel their homes. Both sites are worth a look, and you’re sure to find many great ideas to improve your home.

Synergy Design/Build Firm

If you’re considering remodeling your home, you’ve probably come across blogs that feature the work of a Design/Build Firm. The Synergy Design/Build Firm, a Minnesota-based home renovation company, has been featured on these blogs. It’s time to learn more about their services. Here’s their home refurbishment blog. To start, you should check out their recent project. The client chose ProVia manufactured stone and vinyl replacement windows, which we’ll discuss in our next blog entry.

Amy and Doug Heavilin

A Queen Anne Victorian in Indiana is being lovingly restored by homeowners Amy and Doug Heavilin. They have been working on the home room by room for the past nine years and have graciously opened it up to the public to share their passion project. Follow along as they restore this home room by room and reveal the tricks of the trade. Here’s a look at some of the most inspiring transformations.

Classy Clutter

Mallory and Savannah run a DIY design blog called Classy Clutter, a site that focuses on organizing and decorating tips for your home. This blog also sells their own unique products, like framed prints. Best of all, the website is free to visit. The owners of Classy Clutter, Ty and Mallory Pennington, transform the lives of thousands of people and serve as a source of inspiration for entire communities. This home refurbishment blog is one of the best websites I’ve come across!

Grandma’s House

When Kimberley’s stepbrothers and she are forced to move in with her grandmother Margie, her life takes an unexpected turn. While Margie has already taken in several adoptees, Grandma imposes strict rules to make her household run smoothly. While she initially resents these rules, Kimberley eventually comes to respect Grandma’s wisdom, strength, and dedication to God.