Investing in Aftermarket Truck Parts Companies

Aftermarket truck parts north america companies are a booming industry, and the recent growth of the industry has led to a wide variety of opportunities for investors. From Alliance(tm) Parts to S&S Truck Parts, you can find an assortment of products to repair your vehicle. Many of these companies are members of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, or NAWD, in Washington, DC. These organizations share industry knowledge and networking opportunities. Other groups include HDA Truck Pride, America’s largest independent provider of parts and service.

Investcorp invests in aftermarket truck parts

Investcorp, a global alternative investment firm, is expanding its operations by investing in a leading independent aftermarket truck parts distributor. S&S Truck Parts is an industry leader and serves more than 1,600 customers across North America. The company focuses on product and geographic expansion while making strategic add-on acquisitions to expand its customer base. Investcorp previously invested in Arrowhead Engineered Products, FleetPride and KSI Auto Parts.

FleetPride was established in The Woodlands, Texas in 1999, and was acquired by Investcorp in 2006. Since then, the company has grown to become the largest truck parts distributor in North America. Investcorp supported 31 add-on acquisitions of fleet parts, and the company now has 250 branches across 45 states. This transaction will create new opportunities and increase the company’s market share and profitability.

S&S Truck Parts

S&S Truck Parts is one of the largest independent distributors of aftermarket truck parts in North America. The company was founded in 1952 in Chicago and serves 1,600 customers and a network of distributors in 67 countries. The company’s core business is the distribution of replacement parts for heavy-duty trucks. The company’s management team includes Marshall Eisenberg, Betsy Thelen, Earl Melamed, Jeffrey Shamberg, Eric McLimore, Peter Miles, Kevin Schneider, Tara Anderson, and Karen McElligatt.

S&S Trucks was founded by lifelong friends Bernie Sacks and Stan Saletko, who reverse-engineered transmission and differential truck gears in Europe. The two founders launched the North American aftermarket for new heavy-duty drivetrain truck components. The company continues to expand its product line to meet the demands of the industry. Investcorp is an investor in the company and has a proven track record of success.

Alliance(tm) Parts

Alliance(tm) Parts is a leader in aftermarket truck parts, with an extensive selection of accessories and parts for trucks and SUVs of all makes and models. The company offers aftermarket truck parts for every make and model at competitive prices and exceptional quality. Whether you need a new windshield, a windshield wiper blade, or a clutch, Alliance will have what you need to keep your truck on the road.

The company is a private label brand of heavy-duty truck replacement parts and accessories. Founded in 1998 as Alliance Brand Parts, the company is now a division of Daimler Truck North America LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG. The name was changed to reflect the company’s broader target market. Alliance Truck Parts supplies replacement parts and accessories for trucks of class 5-7 trucks.


PACCAR Truck Parts North America is one of the world’s leading truck parts companies. Its fleet services program offers fleet owners a single monthly invoice with parts and services all under one roof. Its dealer-owned stores, including TRP and DAF dealerships, are available worldwide. Its aftermarket sales support network is second to none. Its global presence includes more than 2,000 parts locations and 17 parts distribution centers.

The company is committed to delivering the best quality truck parts and services to customers around the world. The company distributes original equipment parts from over 200 dealerships in North America and Europe. Its dealership network in Asia is growing rapidly, and over half of its revenues come from outside the United States. PACCAR Truck Parts operates a nationwide network of parts distribution centers that support the needs of over 2,200 Peterbilt, DAF, and Kenworth dealers. Its parts and service center staff is available to answer customers’ questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. PACCAR supports its dealer network through technologically advanced systems to streamline the ordering process.

LKQ Corporation

LKQ Corporation is a leading distributor of aftermarket truck parts and automotive alternative parts in North America. The company also distributes salvaged and recycled parts, specialty vehicles and systems. With over 570 locations across the U.S. and Canada, LKQ offers customers a full line of replacement systems and components for their fleet vehicles. The company’s mission is to provide the best truck parts and automotive alternative products to its customers at the lowest possible cost.

The company makes its revenue from the sale of truck and recreational vehicle parts and accessories. The company also sells extended warranties and collects fees from self-service yards. In 2015, LKQ generated $7.19 billion in revenue, making it the largest distributor of automotive mechanical parts in North America and Europe. The company’s acquisitions in North America and Europe helped it achieve this growth. In addition, the company’s presence in Europe began in 2011.

HDA Truck Pride

For repair shops and fleet managers, HDA Truck Pride is an invaluable resource. A leader in the heavy-duty truck parts industry, HDA boasts more than 700 distribution and service locations across North America. From training and sales support to vendor programs, the company’s dedication to customer service is second to none. Here are some of its benefits. Read on to learn more. And check out our website for the latest promotions and special offers.

HDA Truck Pride recently announced the addition of Foley Equipment Co., located in Wichita, Kan., with 19 locations throughout northwest Missouri. The company has been in business for more than 80 years, and is known for its customer-centric approach. HDA Truck Pride looks forward to working with Foley Equipment Co. as part of its ongoing effort to build a strong presence in North America. This expansion will expand HDA’s network of aftermarket truck parts distributors.