Eco-Friendly Pest Control Services

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If you are like many homeowners today, a  pest control company is one of the most important services that you hire out. It can often be tricky for a new homeowner to choose a pest control company, because there are so many companies that advertise in yellow pages, on the Internet, and even on television. There are a few simple things that homeowners should do when selecting a company, so that they get only the best service possible.

Many times, a technician works inside of your house, so homeowners must be very careful when making their choice. First of all, you should check out any references that the pest control company may have. Call around to friends or neighbors who have used a particular company before. Also, ask about the technicians that they use and whether or not these technicians use top-notch technology.

When a homeowner compares pest control companies, he or she should also compare the technicians that they employ. This means asking specific questions about the company’s training. Do the technicians take a national pest control exam? What about their certification? Are these technicians licensed? All these are important factors to review before making a choice.

Another important thing to consider is the type of pesticides that the pest control company uses. In some states, the pest control company may use a certain type of pesticide. However, in other states, the company may use a different type of pesticide. If the company uses only natural pesticides, the homeowner may want to find out whether the chemicals used are considered “probable” or “known” to cause cancer or chronic health problems. Just as it’s important to compare the types of pesticides that the pest management technicians use, it’s also important to compare the types of pesticides that the technicians use on their clients’ homes.

A third thing that every pest control company should do is offer some type of plan options for dealing with each of the problems that they treat. The Pest Control Association offers several plan options, but the best plan is the one that works for the customer. If a homeowner doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on a plan, or he doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a plan, then he should choose a company that has reasonable plan options and reasonable rates. The most expensive way to treat a home for pests is to call in an exterminator. However, calling an exterminator only stops when the customer leaves the premises.

Many pest control companies also offer their customers additional benefits. These additional benefits could be in the form of free consultations, or discounted rates, or free delivery, or even assistance on finding an exterminator in their area. The customer service that a pest control company provides is a great benefit for both of the homeowner and the exterminator, and it’s something that can make a huge difference in how well a client’s home is treated and in how much time and money it will take to get rid of all of the pests.

One thing that a customer service agent for pest control companies won’t always do is to tell a customer that his or her home isn’t a good candidate for treatment. This is where an exterminator comes in handy. An exterminator will tell the customer if there are other, better alternatives for dealing with the pest infestation. Most exterminators will also give their customer options about how to apply the product, or how to prevent the re-infestation. When a customer chooses an extermination method that is better than the other one, the exterminator is there to support his or her choice.

Some companies go so far as to advertise their eco-friendly services. While it’s definitely true that many of them are environmentally friendly, it doesn’t mean that they are the only ones. Many pest control companies also use non-toxic methods to deal with infestations, and they don’t encourage people to reuse some of their old containers. If you have infestations at home or in the yard, talk to a pest control company – you’ll be surprised at just how eco-friendly they are!